Our Alliance member in Nigeria, Youthcare Development and Empowerment Initiative (YDEI), takes a two-pronged approach towards eradicating gender-based violence (GBV). Through advocacy and research, they are helping women and girls.

In  October, YDEI celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child by partnering with schools to speak with over 800 girls ages 13-18. The workshops addressed GBV, allowed the girls to practice assertiveness, and gave girls a space to discuss their goals.

YDEI has recognized the need to help schoolgirls form positive opinions of themselves and counter the ingrained stereotypes that greatly hinder girls’ education and development.

Workshops like this are the cornerstone for the prevention and eradication of GBV in South-West Nigeria. YDEI’s research explores the prevalence of GBV in education, directly engages with victims of GBV with respect to stigmatization and counseling, and lastly, builds victims’ capacity to become advocates and peer educators.   

YDEI’s community-based advocacy and research provide a crucial component towards ending GBV and furthering girls’ access to quality education. Through this, the organization offers an inspirational and sustainable framework through which future generations can succeed.

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