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Resources to Improve Your Advocacy

Published on:   March 26, 2014

These tools and resources are to help improve your organization's advocacy for women and girls and to help you learn more about important issues.

Advocacy Guide

This training guide is to help civil society organizations improve their advocacy. Along with our other advocacy tools, this can be used in training sessions, as a guide to plan a particular advocacy campaign, and as a general resource in your organization’s work. 


Advocacy Workshop

Women Thrive has created a fully customizable set of eight advocacy training sessions (1.5 hours each) to teach and practice basic advocacy skills and sustainable development advocacy. These sessions are very interactive, and are ideal for grassroots advocates. We recently used this material in a successful 2-day training workshop in Nairobi, Kenya with women and men from across Sub-Saharan Africa. 


Advocacy Videos

These presentations can guide you through specific advocacy topics, like messaging, activism, and cooperation.

  • The Power of Women's and Girls' Voices for Education Policy Change: Part I: Lessons from Collective Global Advocacy (Video | Audio | Powerpoint)
  • The Power of Women’s and Girls’ Voices for Education Policy Change: Part II: Effective Messaging on Global Education (Video | Audio | Powerpoint)
  • How to be an Equitable Education Champion: Lessons for Everyday Activists (Video | Audio | Powerpoint)


Resources to Advocate for the Global Goals

Are you interested in advocating for the Global Goals? Not sure what that means? Use these tools to learn more about the sustainable development goals and the push for equitable learning for all children.


Policy Briefs:

  • Equitable Learning for All (English / Français Español)
  • Open Working Group Equitable Learning Policy Brief (English / Français Español)
  • Civil Society Recommendations for the Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Ministerial Conference on Education Post-2015 (English)
  • Managing the transition from MDGs to SDGs: Lessons learned for gender equality from the MDGs to galvanize transformative change (English)
  • Prioritizing Inclusive, Quality and Equitable Education and Life-Long Learning: Strengthening the Korea Framework for Action (English / Français / Português)
  • Financing Inclusive, Quality, and Equitable Education: Strengthening the Korea Framework for Action (English)
  • Financing for Development Means Financing for Education (English / Français)
  • A Review of the Outcomes of the Third Internaitonal Conference on Financing for Development (English)
  • Education Priorities for the Post-2015 Summit (English & Français)
Fact Sheets on Women's and Girls' Issues

Use these fact sheets to provide data for your advocacy and show the scope of the issues you tackle.

  • Gender-Based Violence: A Look at the Numbers (English / Français)
  • Girls' Education: A Look at the Numbers(EnglishFrançais)
  • Women and Poverty in Africa: A Look at the Numbers - (English)
Communications Resources

Improve the way you communicate your advocacy goals by applying the 'best practices' and tips found in these tools.


Funding Resources

Women Thrive's updated Fundraising Guide for Women’s Community-Based Organizations provides practical instructions, valuable insights, and essential information on how to raise funds from a variety of donors, including foundations. It also features profiles of more than 30 funders that support grassroots organizations around the world.

Outside Resources

Women Thrive's amazing partners have produced some incredible advocacy tools. Check out some of our favorites.

  • The Education We Want: An Advocacy Toolkit by The Youth Advocacy Group of the UN Secretary-General's Global Education First Initiative (English / Français / Español)
  • Advocacy Toolkit: Influencing the Post-2015 Agenda by Stakeholder Forum (English / Français/ Español/ Português)
  • Every Child Counts (And Reads): Measuring Learning for All videos by the Hewlett Foundation ( English / Français )
  • The Power of Advocacy video by Plan International ( English )

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