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Discussing Gender-Based Violence Through Art

Posted by Elaine McCartin

Last week, I explored how art is being used to educate the public about the harsh realities of gender-based violence.  Too often, such violence persists because of cultural traditions and ignorance.

How USAID Can Strengthen Its Gender Policy

Posted by Kendall Stempel

Every day, we hear or read a news story describing another extreme instance of gender-based violence in some corner of the globe, or another report of girls denied the opportunity to access educational opportunities or even enjoy basic freedoms like the ability to go out in public unaccompanied.

These stories are the tip of the iceberg—gender inequality is a pandemic that persists globally, from the United States to East Timor to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Khadim Hussain: Helping Educate Every Child in Pakistan

Posted by Elaine McCartin

Khadim HussainFew people have experienced the transformative powers of education quite like Khadim Hussain, a Pakistani education advocate.