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What’s the Future Like for Women’s Rights Advocates

2015 has been a year “of a continuing series of attacks on civil society in many countries where, when civil society asks difficult questions about power, the powerful seek to silence it.” -CIVICUS

The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and What We Can Do Better This Time Around

As the United Nations’ NGO Conference ended in New York last week, I felt enlightened and a bit inspired about my role as a gender advocate and champion for women’s rights in implementing the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Language Holds Power: Development, Jargon, and Who Gets to Listen to Whom

On Wednesday I attended a very interesting workshop at the UN NGO Conference. The title of it was How to Eliminate Jargon and Speak Plainly So People Will Listen. I went in full of hope that my discomfort with complicated words would now be able to hide behind this best practice of “speaking plainly.” And in some way, I got what I wanted.

Six Weeks in Washington

My journey here in the United States continues after spending six weeks in Virginia with my host university UVA/Presidential Precinct/College of William and Mary learning about civic leadership.

UN NGO Conference: Where Are the Grassroots Women?

As I sat in the UN’s General Assembly yesterday morning, I couldn’t help feeling excited. Excited to be here in this historic venue, sitting in one of the seats usually occupied by delegates from all around the world.