Making gender equality a reality.


Our 2016 Annual Report

Posted by Women Thrive Alliance

We’re excited to share our 2016 Annual Report with our supporters!

A Lot Can Change in Three Months

Posted by Noel Schroeder

In April, Women Thrive worked with 38 grassroots organizations around the world on how to have a greater impact for women in their communities. 

An Uphill Battle: Creating Safe Spaces for Sustainable Development When You are Left Out of Its Model

Posted by Maggie Jeffries

Through Women Thrive’s Achieve SDG5 initiative we work with our Alliance members toward achieving gender equality, yet we recognize that full gender equality cannot be achieved if Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees are left out of the framework.

Grassroots Organizations are Often the First to Sound the Alarm

Posted by Agar Nana Mbianda

Defending human rights and those whose rights have been violated is a dangerous task all over the world. Human rights defenders are often the only force between ordinary people and the the powers that be.