Making gender equality a reality.

Celebrating Innovations in Girls' Education


Every year, the world joins together to celebrate the International Day of the Girl on October, 11th. This year, the theme is Innovations in Girls' Education. Many of our partners are creating, running, and expanding amazing projects on girls' education and beyond.

These projects are helping girls stay in school, helping girls protect themselves from physical or sexual attacks, and are making sure that girls around the world have more opportunities to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

This series highlights just a few of the amazing projects from around the world that are making a difference in the lives of women and girls. Continue reading to be inspired this International Day of the Girl! 




Arpan, a registered organization based in Mumbai, India is breaking down barriers in preventing and reducing abuse against girls and boys through an innovative new education program.

Read more about Arpan's project here.


 Swawou Girls

Swawou School Foundation

In Sierra Leone, the female youth literacy rate is just 48% and only 15% of girls go on to receive a secondary education. The Swawou School Foundation is working to change that.

Read more about the Swawou School Foundation here.

Training in DRC

Maman Shujaa

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), girls are brought up to believe that their calling is to serve men, no matter the circumstance. But, there is a group of women ready to change that and to make sure that young girls can share their thoughts with the world.

Read more about Maman Shujaa's work here.

Girls Mobile Learning

Afghan Institute of Learning

The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) is a leader in providing Afghan girls and women with educational opportunities, health care and health education and has been for over a decade. In order to make the biggest difference they can, AIL is always seeking to adapt and innovate in its approach to girls’ education.

Read more about the mobile literacy program here.



Forum for African Women Educationalists

African Women Educationalists (FAWE) works to empower women through education in 32 African countries.Their philosophy is simple: Educating women and girls can improve entire communities, and can set the stage for women to use their voice in governance and as advocates in their own communities.

Read about how FAWE's projects empower women here.


Edna Adan University

Edna Adan University Hospital

Edna Adan University Hospital provides educational training programs in nursing, midwifery, pharmacology, laboratory technology, and public health, so that women can give back to their own communities.

Read more about how these trainings empower here.


IRCCA girls

Integrated Rural Community Center for Agriculture

The Integrated Rural Community Center for Agriculture is educating parents about the importance of keeping girls in school and finding unique ways to engage and empower girls along the way.

Read more about the IRCCA's work.