Making gender equality a reality.

Dads for Daughters

Peter Dominick and his daughters Ava and Julia

SiriusXM radio host Pete Dominick and his daughters, Ava and Julia. He's a #DadForDaughters -- for his girls and millions like them around the world.

In the U.S., we've just celebrated Father's Day and the amazing men in our lives. Let's keep up that recognition. Join  Women Thrive and SIRIUSXM radio host and comedian Pete Dominick in highlighting the important role fathers have in the global movement to stop violence against women. 

Do you know a dad who works for equality for women and girls? A father who strives to teach his sons to respect women? Or, you may be a father yourself— a dad who is committed to equality and stopping rape, abuse, and other violence against women and girls around the world.

Whether you know a great dad, or you are a great dad, here are three simple ways to help Women Thrive Worldwide and Pete Dominick recognize fantastic fathers and enlist more dads in the global movement to end gender-based violence:

  1. Nominate a Dad for Daughters.

  2. Tell the world that you are a Dad for Daughters.
    Are you working for a safer, more equal world for your daughter? Are you raising your son to respect women and speak out on violence against women and girls? Tell the world why.

  3. Take the Pledge.
    This Father’s Day commit to doing your part to end violence against women and girls.