Because When Women Thrive, the Whole World Thrives.

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Ask Your Senators to Support the International Violence Against Women Act

With more than 270 schoolgirls still missing from Nigeria and threatened with a life of violence and slavery, this is a defining moment for the U.S. and its commitment to making the world a safer, freer place for women and girls.

100+ Nigerian Schoolgirls Abducted: Demand Action

Sign Women Thrive's petition to Secretary of State John Kerry and the Inspector General of the Nigeria National Police urging concrete action to secure Nigerian students.

Tell Congress to Support Grassroots Activists Against Violence

The United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women can—and has—made a difference in the lives of women around the world. Unfortunately, the United States withdrew its support for this program after 2010.

Take the Pledge: Support Working Women

Working Women

Women around the world work hard to support their families and put food on the table. Say you'll stand with them.

Urge President Obama to Support Quality Education for the World's Girls

Girls deserve quality education

Today, more girls than ever are in school around the world. But they aren’t always learning the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Protect Funding for Women and Girls

Support International Assistance

Urge Congress to support vital funding to help women break free of poverty, hunger, violence, and inequality.

Urge Congress to Pass the International Violence Against Women Act

Posted on 02.06.14

Worldwide, more than a third of all women and girls will experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetimes. Urge Congress to help reduce gender-based violence and make the world a safer place for women and girls.

Call on Congress to Reform Food Aid and Empower Women

A campesina in Honduras

According to the World Bank, as many as 150 million fewer people would go hungry if women had equal access to agricultural resources. Unfortunately, U.S. food aid policies undermine the efforts of hard-working women farmers in developing countries to feed their communities. Call on Congress to reform food aid to empower women to help feed the world.

Take Action for Haiti's Women and Girls

Posted on 09.18.13

In some parts of Haiti, nearly seven in 10 experience physical or sexual violence. Six in 10 rape cases involve girls in their teens or younger. Please urge your Member of Congress to take action to help.

Help Women Feed the World

Up to 150 million more people could get enough to eat if women had equal access to agricultural production.

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