Making gender equality a reality.

Help Women Feed the World

Global population will reach 7 billion in the next two years. The enormous challenge of feeding the world falls upon small-scale, subsistence farmers - the majority of whom are women.  Yet women farmers often lack the rights and resources they need to be productive. 

Worldwide, 2.5 billion people live on less than $2 a day. After health care, education and transportation, that leaves precious little money left for food.  Congress may soon force these families to stretch their money even further, as intense debates over the 2012 budget continue in Washington, D.C., which could cut critical programs supporting the poorest citizens.

Step 1. Take the $2 Challenge

Many families entire daily budget is just $2. We challenge you to cook just one meal for that amount. Check out our sample recipes, our supporter recipe of the week, or create your own!

Interview with Leticia from Nicaragua Black Beans and Rice Recipe Interview with Eluvia from Guatemala Turkey and Bean Chili Recipe
Sauteed Chickpeas and Broccoli Recipe Interview with Betilde from Nicaragua HWFTW Interview with Ouedrage from Burkina Faso
Interview with Mariam from Burkina Faso Polenta Recipe Interview with Margarita from Guatemala Tomato Basil Soup Recipe
Click on the above photos to see sample recipes and meet women farmers.

Step 2. Share your Story

Take a photo of your meal and tell us about your experiences trying to feed your family on just $2.

Step 3. Tell Congress: No Killer Cuts in 2012

Contact your Representatives today and tell them not to slash programs to protect women and girls around the world from going hungry. We want to send 10,000 letters
to Congress by World Food Day, October 16.