Making gender equality a reality.

Our Issues

Women Thrive was an official Partner of the Women's March on Washington

We marched on the 1/21 to ensure that the voices of our 250 members from the Global South who fight for gender equality were heard.

Around the world, women and girls are working to break free of poverty, violence, and inequality. Women Thrive Worldwide stands with them, amplifying their voices to realize transformational change in local, national, and global policymaking. 

Women Thrive's three programs—the Alliance for Women's Solutions, our Change Champions program, and the Coalitions for Equitable Development program—work to address three key issues women and girls face. We invite you to learn more about our primary issues here. 

Education for Girls.

Girls make up three in five of the 71 million children on the planet who do not attend school. And while enrollment rates for girls have climbed in recent years, girls still often lack access to meaningful educational opportunities to learn the skills and knowledge that will help them thrive.

Women Thrive works with grassroots partners around the world to champion policies that increase learning opportunities for girls, including improving literacy and math skills and expanding access to technology and educational venues, such as vocational schools and training. Learn more »

Women, Economic Opportunity, and Poverty.

Women and girls are more likely to live in poverty than their male counterparts. We work with local women to fight social inequality and discrimination against working women in developing countries and promote economic opportunities, equal rights, and fair pay for women and girls. Learn more »

Violence Against Women and Girls.

The World Health organization estimates that one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence or abuse in her lifetime.

Women Thrive works for transformational change to reduce, prevent, and address domestic violence, rape, bride burnings, dowry deaths and other kinds of violence against women and girls. Learn more »