Making gender equality a reality.

Education for Girls

For every additional year of school, girls earn 10 - 20 percent more when they’re adults. But far too many girls are either not in school, or not learning the skills they need while there. What we have today is a learning crisis.

That’s why Women Thrive works to advance policies that promote equitable learning opportunities for girls, including improving literacy and math skills, education on and access to technology and other educational venues, such as vocational schools and training.

Together, we can change the status quo and ensure every girl, no matter where she lives, gets a quality education that sets her up for success. 


  • Around 120 million children either never make it to school or drop out before their 4th year, and another 130 million fail to acquire basic skills while they are there (UNESCO)
  • Of the 775 million adults who are illiterate, two thirds of them are women (UNESCO)
  • In most developing countries, fewer than 50 percent of girls complete primary school (UN)