Making gender equality a reality.

Raise Your Voice

Women Thrive equips women, men, and youth with the skills and resources needed to be strong gender equality advocates so they can ensure that the needs, priorities, and solutions of women and girls are heard and heeded by decision-makers.


Raise Your Voice is Women Thrive’s multi-phase skills-building curriculum that helps gender equality advocates participate in policy and program development. By combining best practices in gender mainstreaming with advocacy campaign development, our trainings uniquely equip advocates to identify advocacy issues, design targeted messages, implement advocacy campaigns, evaluate campaign success, and garner the funds and supporters needed to sustain their advocacy.

Available in online courses and in-person training workshops, our curriculum allows participants to gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to raise their voices and be heard by decision-makers.

2017 Online CoursesWe offer four online courses to Alliance members. Click here to see our 2017 schedule of courses!

  • Speak the SDGs: prepares organizations to further their visibility, fundraising, and advocacy by leveraging the new Sustainable Development Goals
  • Raise Your Voice: prepares advocates to understand the advocacy process and develop a feminist advocacy campaign
  • Raise Your Visibility: equips organizations with the skills to build their presence online to effectively communicate impact and reach new supporters
  • Raise Your Funds: empowers organizations to identify and reach donors to fund their gender equality work


"The skills/information will allow the organization to present the work we are doing to a wider audience and rally support from different individuals and organizations who may want to join our struggle, and support our hard work in various ways for a broader impact toward achieving gender equality in Burundi."  — Fikiri Nzoyisenga, SEMERERA, Burundi, participant in online Raise Your Visibility course

“I feel very much prepared because the training was excellent. The advocacy materials were well explained and clear. It was simple, clear, straight to the point.”  — Participant at a Raise Your Voice training workshop.

I found the document you wrote on best practices for meetings with high level officials to be incredibly useful and the best guidance on maximizing the effectiveness of key meetings that I'd ever seen.” — Former Kenyan Minister of Higher Education Margaret Kamar

This knowledge is very, very useful to me and our organization as a whole. I must assure you that you are becoming a strong tool and 'ambassador' for our organization!” — David Rwamwaro, Hope for Rural Development, Uganda


In the past two years, Women Thrive has trained more than 200 youth and gender advocates across Africa, developed and facilitated innovative online courses to help grassroots women’s rights organizations build their communications and resource mobilization skills, and created several toolkits to help gender equality advocates train their colleagues on best practices.


Want to learn more about Women Thrive's capacity building work? Contact Noel Schroeder, Deputy Director, at