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Women's Economic Opportunity

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How can stakeholders empower women economically?

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When women have the economic resources to help support their families, there’s no limit to how far their communities can go. But in just about every developing country, unequal property rights, poor working conditions, pay discrimination, and a lack of access to credit reduce equality of opportunity for women.

Together, we can change the status quo and open up economic opportunities for women.


  • Women spend at least twice as much time as men on domestic work, and when all work – paid and unpaid – is considered, women work longer hours than men do (United Nations)
  • Closing the joblessness gap between girls and their male counterparts would yield an increase in GDP of up to 1.2 percent in a single year (World Bank)


Lauren Supina

Elise Young

Melissa Kaplan

Lauren Supina

As Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, Lauren uses her experience from time at the White House to major corporations to develop strong partnerships and programs that will expand women's economic opportunities.

Elise Young

With 15 years experience working with rural women farmers and other women in the informal and formal sectors, Elise has unique insight on women's economic opportunities and the barriers that exist. As Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, Elise also heads up strategy for all of Women Thrive's policy initiatives.

Melissa Kaplan

Melissa brings a wealth of experience and relationships to Women Thrive's economic opportunity work, having extensively worked with U.S. policymakers and their staff as well as NGOs in the international development community.

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