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Meet Sybil from Nigeria

Posted on 05.12.17

Sybil Nmezi is the founder and Coordinator of Generation Initiative for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN), a Nigerian-based organization and the team leader of a coalition of eight organizations. GIWYN works to realize the full sexual and reproductive health and rights of all people in local communities, with a particular focus on the most marginalized grassroots women.

Meet Morenike from Nigeria

Posted on 04.19.17

Morenike is the Director of Programs of the Women's Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON), an organization committed to the enforcement of women and children's rights and the attainment of equality. Hear from Morenike about her advocacy work, thoughts on Nigeria's implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 5, and advice for young advocates!

Meet Mariya from Sahiyo (India)

Posted on 03.24.17

Mariya is the co-founder of Sahiyo, an advocacy organization that empower Dawoodi Bohra and other Asian communities to end Female Genital Cutting and create positive social change through dialogue, education and collaboration based on community involvement in India and the diaspora. Hear from Maryia about her work on FGM/C and tips on how you, too, can become an advocate. 

Meet Malingo from Cameroon

Posted on 02.06.17

Malingto is the founder of Cam-America Global Initiative for Social Change (CAGISC) and is a registered nurse and health professional. Hear from Malingo about women's rights advocacy issues in Cameroon and Sustainable Development Goal 5.

Meet Mary from Afghanistan

Posted on 08.26.16

Mary is the Founder and President of the Afghan Women Skills Development Center (AWSDC) in Afghanistan. AWSDC is a member of Women Thrive's Alliance for Women's Solutions.

Meet Madalo from Malawi

Posted on 08.26.16

Listen to Madalo, Program Director at CRECCOM (Malawi) and Women Thrive's Alliance for Women's Solutions member, talk about how her organization works with communities, cultural and traditional leaders and policy-makers to bring about change and gender equality.

Meet Aissa from Cameroon

Posted on 08.26.16

Listen to Aissa, a Cameroonian activist, describe how life and work in the extreme north of the country have changed since Boko Haram's terror spree.

Resources to Improve Your Advocacy

Posted on 11.24.15

These tools and resources are to help improve your organization's advocacy for women and girls and to help you learn more about important issues.

Alliance for Women's Solutions' Working Groups: 2015-2016 Guide

Posted on 09.22.15

Members of the Alliance for Women's Solutions participate in one of the Alliance's three working groups. This guide will help you better understand how the working groups function. For additional information, please email Emily Bove, Director of the Alliance at

Alliance for Women's Solutions: 2015-2016 Catalogue of Activities

Posted on 09.22.15

The 2015-2016 Alliance catalogue outlines the activities and services the Alliance for Women's Solutions offers to its members. For additional information, please email Emily Bove, Director of the Alliance, at