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Resources to Improve Your Advocacy

Posted on 11.24.15

These tools and resources are to help improve your organization's advocacy for women and girls and to help you learn more about important issues.

Alliance for Women's Solutions' Working Groups: 2015-2016 Guide

Posted on 09.22.15

Members of the Alliance for Women's Solutions participate in one of the Alliance's three working groups. This guide will help you better understand how the working groups function. For additional information, please email Emily Bove, Director of the Alliance at ebove@womenthrive.org

Alliance for Women's Solutions: 2015-2016 Catalogue of Activities

Posted on 09.22.15

The 2015-2016 Alliance catalogue outlines the activities and services the Alliance for Women's Solutions offers to its members. For additional information, please email Emily Bove, Director of the Alliance, at ebove@womenthrive.org

Teach a Woman to Fish Discussion Questions

Posted on 06.09.14

Book club discussion questions for Teach a Woman to Fish: Overcoming Poverty Around the Globe

Ethical Products Reminder

Ask your favorite store if the products they sell are ethically produced, and then leave this note for the manager to ensure that your question is heard.

Sending #Love2Ghana

Posted on 02.13.14

A downloadable sign you can use for your #Love2Ghana photo

Your #GirlLikeMe Sign

Posted on 10.09.13

Download and print this sign, write why you support equality for girls, and upload to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #GirlLikeMe

Notes from the Field: Doña Erlinda Ramirez, Nicaragua

Women Thrive Worldwide Co-Founder and President Ritu Sharma introduces Nicaraguan entrepreneur Doña Erlinda Ramirez. With a small investment from the U.S.'s Millennium Challenge Corporation -- and plenty of hard work -- Doña Erlinda is building a brighter future for her family and her community.

Notes from the Field: Mujeres Unidas en Acción, Honduras

Women Thrive Worldwide President and Co-Founder Ritu Sharma reports from Honduras on empowered women, organic farming, land rights, and more in this short clip.

Malala Yousafzai addresses United Nations Youth Assembly

On July 12, girls and education rights champion Malala Yousafzai addressed the United Nations.