Because When Women Thrive, the Whole World Thrives.

Publications & Reports

POWER WG 2015 Overview

Description of the Promoting Opportunity for Women's Economic Resilience (POWER) Working Group 

2014 IVAWA Summary

A synopsis of the urgent need for Congressional action to pass the International Violence Against Women Act

Creating Economic Opportunity for the World's Poorest Women & Men

Posted on 07.28.14

With so much focus on better economic development, now is a critical time to examine the barriers most affecting women’s contributions to their families’, communities’, and nations’ economic well-being.

Gender-based Violence | A Look at the Numbers

Posted on 11.20.13

Violence against women and girls is arguably the world's most pervasive human rights abuse. Globally, one in three women will experience physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. 

This fact sheet lays out some of the key statistics on violence against women and girls globally, and provides an example of the amazing women working around the world to keep women and girls safe. 

Women Thrive at a Glance

Fast facts on Women Thrive Worldwide's work to raise the voices of women and girls around the world to address poverty, hunger, violence, and inequality.

New Brief: Equitable Learning for All in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Equity, learning, and a continuum of learning from early childhood to adolescence are crucial to ensuring inclusive growth, sustainable development, and the elimination of extreme poverty in the post-2015 development agenda.

SNAPSHOT | The International Affairs Budget at Work for Women and Girls

Posted on 03.22.13

The U.S. government's international affairs budget goes a long way to helping the world’s most vulnerable women and families, which in turn promotes a safer and healthier global community.  This investment supports a wide range of international efforts that bolster diplomacy and economic, social and political development in strategic parts of the world.

Quality Education for Girls

Posted on 03.05.13

Around the world, millions of girls experience barriers to learning and education that prevent them from lifting themselves, and their communities, out of poverty.