By Rachel Hoorwitz —

Raise Your Visibility is a four-week long course that helps Women Thrive’s Alliance members to improve their communications skills, to expand their online reach, and to make their advocacy and fundraising more effective. We offer two versions of the course – one in English and one in French – to better serve our diverse membership of close to 300 organizations in over 50 countries around the world.

This month, Raise Your Visibility will benefit from the participation of 22 English-speaking and 14 French-speaking Alliance members. Our members are all dedicated advocates working for gender equality and women’s rights. With a greater online communications presence, including on social media, they will be able to make an even bigger impact in their communities and the world. Over the next four weeks, these member-participants will watch training videos, read supplemental materials, do practical exercises, and discuss communications strategies, challenges, and successes with Women Thrive’s course facilitators and with their peers.

Watch @WomenThrive on Facebook and Twitter every Thursday for our #AdvocatesAskAdvocates question of the week, where you can discuss a question brought up in our Raise Your Visibility course and consider how you could make your online presence more intentional and effective.