Making gender equality a reality.

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New gender policies a game changer for implementers (Requires Account)

Posted on 08.15.13
Type of Content: News Story

"Elise Young, vice president for policy and government affairs of Women Thrive Worldwide, said many of the implementing partners her organization has spoken to are hiring and subcontracting to gender experts. Staffers are given lessons on gender integration as well, and more local women organizations are beginning to receive capacity-building training."

At the End of the Farm Bill Debate, Women Farmers of the World

Posted on 05.31.13
Type of Content: Blog Post
Photo: Women like this can help feed the world

Food aid reforms in both House and Senate Farm Bill amendments could help reduce waste, feed more people, and empower women. Women Thrive Worldwide’s Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs Elise Young has the details.

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