Making gender equality a reality.

Who We Are

Our Vision

We envision a world where women, girls, men and boys enjoy equal rights and opportunities. 

We believe that a safer, more prosperous and equitable world can only be achieved when women and girls assert their rights. 

Who We Are

Women Thrive Alliance is a global network of 230 member organizations located in over 50 countries. These organizations are led by local change-makers who believe that women and girls should live free from violence, enjoy quality education, and achieve economic empowerment. They believe that by challenging the status quo, they can achieve greater equality for all. 

What We Do

We support our Alliance members by making sure that they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, resources and connections they need to reach their full potential as gender equality and women’s rights advocates. 

Our “Raise Your Voice” capacity-building program provides a global learning community where members access tailored tools, coaching, and trainings on fundraising, communications, and advocacy. Through our in person and online courses, members connect with each other, share their knowledge and learn new skills.

Our “Achieve SDG 5” advocacy program supports advocates in designing and implementing strategies to ensure that grassroots women and girls are an integral part of national efforts to implement SDG 5. Members collect data and develop evidence-based messages on women and girls’ needs, priorities and solutions; connect and mobilize with other advocates; and strategically engage with local and national decision-makers. Together, we work to make sure that grassroots women and girls’ voices, concerns and recommendations are heard and taking into account within United Nations decision-making. 

Our Values

Accessibility: We break down the barriers that prevent grassroots organizations from connecting with one another and accessing resources. 

Solidarity: Our support goes beyond technical. We provide a community in which members can find supporters, friends and allies. 

Ownership: We ensure our work is driven by the inputs and priorities of members. Our work is built on genuine and mutually beneficial partnership between members and Alliance staff. 

Collaboration & Learning: We believe that each member holds knowledge worth sharing, and that collaboration and exchange allows us to all to learn and grow. 

What Sets us Apart?

  • We represent hundreds of organizations and thousands of change-makers, and our work is guided by their priorities and needs. 
  • We are a collective voice that brings together change-makers from more than 50 countries. Together, our members build solidarity and support networks and unite around opportunities and actions that advance our common objective of reaching full gender equality by 2030. 
  • We believe that advocacy is a powerful tool for change. We build successful advocacy strategies to bring grassroots women and girls into decision-making spaces from which they are traditionally excluded. 

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Women Thrive Alliance was founded in 1998 by Ritu Sharma and Elise Fiber-Smith
under the name "Women's EDGE Coalition" and later "Women Thrive Worldwide".
Women Thrive Alliance is an initiative of Women Thrive Worldwide.