May 9, 2018 — 

The National SDG Scorecard is a tool developed by Women Thrive to stimulate global as well as national grassroots-led data collection. 

One of the first steps of the newly formed Achieve SDG5 Coalition in Tanzania was to take the National SDG Scorecard in order to measure the standing of Sustainable Development Goals implementation in Tanzania (based on the Coalition’s experience and outlook of the situation). By going through this process, the Coalition was able to better identify and determine their strategy and priority for their two-year advocacy project on Goal 5 on gender equality of  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The tool collects data on four key areas: grassroots knowledge of and access to information about the SDGs, especially SDG5; grassroots participation in national-level SDG-related decision-making; grassroots-led advocacy on SDGs, and grassroots organizations’ safety when promoting gender equality.

The top line results of the 2018 National SDG Scorecard for Tanzania include:

  • While 50% of Coalition members understand the SDGs, only 38% know where to find resources and information about them.
  • 75% of Coalition members have been invited to a government-hosted workshop on SDG  implementation, but only 38% have had meetings with relevant government officials on SDG implementation.
  • 63% believe women’s rights organizations are being included in SDG-related decision-making, but only 38% feel the government is including the voices of grassroots women and girls.

Download the 2018 National SDG Scorecard – Tanzania Report here.