May 22, 2018 —

Women Thrive recently completed its second annual National SDG Scorecard data collection process and is excited to share the findings in the 2018 National SDG Scorecard Global Report.

The Scorecard was developed to support grassroots-led data around the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a national level. The Scorecard, designed in collaboration with Alliance members, is a tool to build qualitative data useful for crafting evidence-based advocacy messages around members countries’ SDG-related decision-making and implementation processes. The Scorecard survey collects data on four dimensions of civil society engagement:

  • Knowledge and access to resources about the SDGs
  • Participation in and partnerships around the implementation of the SDGs, and SDG5 specifically
  • Funding for SDG-related advocacy
  • Advocates’ safety

This year, 114 grassroots organizations in 19 countries in five regions of the world completed the Scorecard and revealed that:

  • Grassroots groups are knowledgeable about the SDGs and know where to find information and resources about them online and in national media;
  • Grassroots groups are already advocating for the implementation of the SDGs individually and within national-level coalitions;
  • Overwhelmingly, grassroots groups are still not being included in SDG-related decision-making at the national level, nor do they feel the needs and priorities of women and girls are reflected in SDG implementation; and,
  • Grassroots groups are severely lacking funds for their SDG-related advocacy: most have not secured funding for 2018, and few know where to identify donors who fund SDG advocacy.

Read the detailed results and recommendations in the Global Report here.