By Noel Schroeder, May 17, 2018 —

Last month, we facilitated our Raise Your Visibility course to 24 Women Thrive Alliance member organizations from 13 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

Raise Your Visibility is a four-week long course that equips grassroots gender equality and women’s rights organizations with the skills to build their presence online to communicate impact and reach new supporters effectively.

During the course, participants implemented their learning by completing practical exercises like creating problem trees, mapping stakeholders, writing advocacy objectives, targeting messages to audiences, and planning campaigns. They also took part in lively group discussions on the course materials on Skype and had one-on-one “office hours” with facilitators.

Catherine from Echoes of Women in Africa Initiative in Nigeria called the course a real “eye-opener.” Before the course, only 17% of participants said they knew how to attract supporters online. Less than a third said they knew how to engage online audiences or where they could communicate their impact online.

Only 61% said they could had a good understanding of how to promote their organization or confidently share how and why their organization works towards gender equality.

Now 100% of participants have these skills! 100% say that they are equipped to build their organization’s presence online to effectively communicate impact and reach new supporters, and they have all committed to develop and put in place an online engagement strategy in the next three months.

Catherine told us, “It is an eye-opener to understand how we have been lagging behind in failing to publicize the impact of our work.

This course made me see that so many things I’ve seen as very difficult were actually easy, e.g. building your online presence, targeting your audiences, writing your organizational statement/ impact, writing blogs, using the right photos to tell your story.

The information I got from this course will be used to engage my different audiences on the impact of our work so as to attract more online presence and even donations to support our work. The analysis will help me know what works or didn’t work.

I am grateful I am a partaker of this great opportunity.”









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