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New coalition publishes research report highlighting lack of grassroots women’s inclusion in SDG policy-making.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 9) — Women Thrive Alliance is proud to announce the launch of the Achieve SDG5 Coalition in Tanzania. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this Coalition is comprised of eight grassroots women’s rights organizations (members of Women Thrive’s Alliance): Elimu Community Light (ECOLI), Himiza Social Justice, Hope for Destitute People’s Foundation (HDPF), Kagera People-Centered Development Foundation (KAPECEDEFO), Sauti Ya Wanawake Ukerewe, Tanzania Community Based Option for Protection and Empowerment (TACOPE), Woman Wake Up (WOWAP), and the YWCA of Tanzania.

The Achieve SDG5 Coalition in Tanzania is a two-year advocacy project focused on holding Tanzania’s government accountable to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially Goal 5 on gender equality (SDG5). In February, during a three-day capacity-building workshop in Dar Es Salaam led by Women Thrive, the Coalition collectively agreed to lead a series of activities focused specifically on the issue of women’s leadership and participation in political and public life — target number of five of SDG5.

“We could not be more thrilled to pilot our Achieve SDG5 Initiative with the support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and support the already incredible work of our Alliance members in Tanzania. This is a great opportunity to finally bridge the work of grassroots organizations to national-level SDG policymaking, ”’ said Emily Bove, Executive Director of Women Thrive.

As a first step of the two-year project, the Coalition has released its findings from the National SDG Scorecard, a tool developed by Women Thrive to stimulate grassroots-led data collection. The tool is used to collect data on four key areas: grassroots knowledge of and access to information about the SDGs, especially SDG5; grassroots participation in national-level SDG-related decision-making; grassroots-led advocacy on SDGs, and grassroots organizations’ safety when promoting gender equality.

The top line results of the 2018 National SDG Scorecard for Tanzania include:

  • While 50% of Coalition members understand the SDGs, only 38% know where to find resources and information about them.
  • 75% of Coalition members have been invited to a government-hosted workshop on SDG  implementation, but only 38% have had meetings with relevant government officials on SDG implementation.
  • 63% believe women’s rights organizations are being included in SDG-related decision-making, but only 38% feel the government is including the voices of grassroots women and girls.

On the issue of funding, only 38% know which donors fund advocacy around the SDGs and only 13% have secured funding for their work this year. These results are illuminating and will be used as the evidence in which the Coalition will ground their advocacy activities and interactions with government officials over the next two years.

Download the report here.

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The Achieve SDG5 Coalition Tanzania is an advocacy coalition comprised of eight grassroots women’s rights organizations from across the country, mobilized around the implementation of SDG5 in Tanzania and ensuring grassroots women and girls are a part of SDG-related policy-making.