September 14, 2017 —

Following the news that civil society access to the United Nations General Assembly would be more restricted than usual, we re-ignited our #InTheRoom campaign to communicate to the U.N. as a whole and the Member States that civil society has a right to be #InTheRoom during these processes!

Within two days of publishing our engagement kit, we mobilized 15 members of Women’s Major Group across the globe, and key D.C.-based gender equality coalitions to post Facebook and Twitter messages tagging the U.N. Secretary-General President of the General Assembly denouncing these additional restrictions. From statements of solidarity to targeted messaging on the Secretary General’s own tweets about his gender parity strategy, we brought civil society organizations and individual advocates together. We even caught the attention of Helen Clark, former Administrator of UNDP, who responded to a tweet about Women Thrive’s piece in The Huffington Post “In the Name of Security, Advocates are Kept Out of the United Nations”  that this is indeed “A worry!
During this second iteration of #InTheRoom, our message has already had over four million social media impressions around the world.
Learn more about the campaign and #InTheRoom messages you can share below!

In July 2017, Women Thrive launched our #InTheRoom campaign at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF).  #InTheRoom was born from the results of our 2017 National SDG Scorecard, which revealed that grassroots women’s rights groups and gender equality advocates, for the most part, are consistently left out of SDG-related decision-making spaces.

The #InTheRoom 2017 UNGA CAMPAIGN

For this year’s U.N. General Assembly, we are elevating and amplifying our #InTheRoom campaign because:

  • Annual grounds passes for the U.N. will not grant attendees access to U.N. campus for the duration of UNGA.
  • Moreover, no temporary passes will be issued and attendees are required to obtain additional event-specific passes to attend meetings and side-events on U.N. grounds.

This move on the part of the U.N. contributes to the growing, global trend to limit, restrict and close civic space, especially for women’s rights and gender equality advocates – this is simply unacceptable.


Our #InTheRoom campaign is more relevant and important than ever – to communicate to U.N. as a whole and Member States specifically that civil society has a right to be #InTheRoom when issues of human rights, democracy, peace and security, and development are being discussed.

Your support and participation in this campaign are vital to making it a success.

Join your voice on social media

  • Post a selfie with this #InTheRoom placard and share on Facebook and Twitter and answer the question Why is it important to me and/or my organization for civil society, especially gender equality organizations, to have access to and be #InTheRoom at the U.N.?


    1. I support civil society organizations being #InTheRoom at the @UN General Assembly!
    2. Dear @antonioguterres, #CSOs deserve to be #InTheRoom at #UNGA72
    3. Women’s right orgs r disproportionately left out of decision-making spaces in govt. @UN, lift the restriction on pass access for #UNGA72!
    4. .@antonioguterres, let women’s voices be heard & lift the restriction on pass access for #UNGA72. #WROs & #CSOs deserve to be #InTheRoom!
    5. I stand with @WomenThrive in their campaign to keep women’s rights organizations #InTheRoom at #UNGA72


  1. The United Nations has limited civil society access and participation at this year’s General Assembly (UNGA). This is a worrying contribution to the growing global trend to limit and control civil society space and participation. I believe that civil society groups, especially women’s rights organizations should be #InTheRoom!
  2. Dear U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres I stand with Women Thrive and denounce the restrictions on civil society’s access to this year’s General Assembly (UNGA)

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