We Elevated Women’s Voices


The Advocacy for Gender Equality program aimed to ensure greater participation of grassroots women’s rights and gender equality advocates in development. Together with our members, we worked to make sure that grassroots women and girls’ voices, priorities, and solutions were heard and taken into account within local-, national-, and global-level decision-making spaces.

Our #InTheRoom campaign galvanized support from political representatives to civil society to individuals and anyone in between from around the world on the importance of women’s rights advocates place and participation in decision-making on the SDGs at the national and international levels.

Our National SDG Scorecard provided a way to assess civil society’s inclusion into the SDG implementation process at the national level, with a particular focus on SDG5. Women Thrive Alliance members provided feedback on their national processes, how safe and secure advocates were, and how gender equality advocates were (or were not) being included in decision-making. The National SDG Scorecard data were collected on an annual basis. Read the 2017 Global National Scorecard reports in English and French.

Women Thrive Alliance worked closely with coalitions and member organizations to identify advocacy opportunities and plan activities to further gender equality policies and programs. Through advocacy coaching and National Advocacy Roadmaps, we also provided strategic support to existing campaigns to help members surmount challenges.

The #FeministFridays discussion series sought to change the narrative in “gender and development,” reinvigorating and connecting it to the global feminist, women’s rights, and social justice movements at-large.