Our Approach


Women Thrive Alliance was a global feminist advocacy network with one goal: make gender equality a reality. Our mission believed that gender equality could only be achieved through a grassroots-led, bottom-up approach to development that was centered on those most marginalized by patriarchy.

The Alliance united and mobilized hundreds of women’s rights and gender equality organizations in over 50 countries. Members were equipped with the skills, the connections, and the support needed to influence social and gender justice agendas at local, national, and global levels.

Through our training, coaching, and collective action, Alliance members took their place as equal partners in decision-making spaces so that their expertise and experiences would contribute to strong and sustainable policies and programs for gender equality.

  • The Alliance members were the drivers of our work; we were accountable to them. Our vision and programming were grounded in the realities of thousands of grassroots advocates that continue to challenge the status quo every day.
  • We weren’t just a network, we were a community. Our support went beyond technical. We built lasting relationships with our member organizations based on solidarity, trust, and a belief in collective action.
  • We reached over one million women and girls. In over 50 countries, our members continue to work in communities to ensure the rights of those who are most marginalized from development processes.
  • We built bridges between local advocates and powerful actors to determine how development happens. By amplifying grassroots voices, fostering dialogue, and ensuring equal representation in decision-making, we worked to shift power and resources to grassroots movements in the fight to end poverty and gender discrimination.
  • Women Thrive Alliance worked to change the way “development” should be done. With one foot in the global women’s rights movement and one foot in the development community, we were uniquely positioned to ensure feminist approaches and priorities were embodied in development processes.