Our Impact


Women Thrive Alliance builds the skills of hundreds of grassroots women’s rights and gender equality groups through tailored workshops, online courses, tools, and resources. We directly train more than 150 individual advocates every year on advocacy, fundraising, and communications.

Through participation in our skills-building activities, grassroots groups now:

  • Are able to form strong coalitions and develop impactful, evidence-based advocacy strategies;
  • Are more visible online and have increased communications skills;
  • Have the fundraising skills needed to support their advocacy for gender equality; and
  • Are better equipped to participate actively in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read our Raise Your Voice impact report to see the evidence for yourself. 

Read about our Achieve SDG5 initiative.


We provide our member organizations with an advocacy model centered on grassroots-generated, evidence-based messages hold governments accountable to SDG5 commitments. We are changing the narrative and practice of gender and development by bringing global women’s rights priorities and feminist development approaches to the table.

Through our flagship social media campaign, #AchieveSDG5, we united over 300 women’s rights and gender equality advocates in 30+ countries to stand up and raise awareness of the global goal on gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls.

Read more about our Advocacy for Gender Equality program and our impact.